Heliä Mailiis Viirakivi is Finnish singer, flutist and improviser. Her artistic work combines contemporary classical music, experimental contemporary music, contemporary improvisation and multidisciplinary concepts, which she implements both as a soloist and in ensemble settings. She has an academic education in classical music, contemporary music and contemporary improvisation from the Helsinki Conservatory and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

In her singing and playing can be heard extended techniques inspired by curiosity and discovery and melodies inspired by folk, gospel and jazz, all implemented through classical singing technique base.

Viirakivi has premiered multiple new pieces and collaborated with various upraising artists in the field of contemporary and improvised music and visual arts: in 2022 she worked as a soloist for Tallinn International Youth Orchestra at the Iberofest Tallinn and created, premiered several experimental pieces at the Time of Music festival in Finland and performed at the Müriaad festival in Estonia. She also visited Berlin to perform at the Kunstfabrik-Schlot with Gon Muruaga and Ramiro Zayas.  In 2023 she collaborated with Robert Fleitz in Latvia at the Tur_Telpa gallery performing improvised music and premiered over six new pieces at the electro-acoustical festival COMPOSTER in Estonia. She performed also improvised music at the Asbestos Ars Week II with Sergio Castrillon and premiered new composition for flute by Patrik Kako at the Mixtur festival in Barcelona. 

Viirakivi has worked with artists such as: Nuria Andorra, Sergio Castrillon, Gon Muruaga, Teemu Mustonen, Rieko Okuda, Antti Virtaranta, Antje Rösseler, Anto Pett, Anne-Liis Poll, Gediminas Stepanavicius, Alistair MacDonald, Vaim Sarv, Gunda Gottschalk, Kristjan Kannukene, Robert Fleitz, Andris Kaļiņins, Aigars Raumanis, Ramiro Zayas and Lisa Hoppe. Her ongoing projects include L'Armonia voicequartet devoted to gospel-folk music, Ääni-ilmiö improvisers collective, NARAT trio and KRIHEVA improv trio.  She has collaborated with organizations such as the Vantaa Women's Choir, Tallinn's International Youth Orchestra, the wind orchestra Louhi and the Chamber Choir Gloria.

In addition to her artistic career, Viirakivi works as a cultural worker, e.g. as a producer and curator of projects on the boards of Kamarikuoro Gloria, Asbestos ry and Hjorted Art and Music festival, as well as product manager of F-Musiikki sheet music department.

Picture no1 by Sami Lintunen

Picture no2 Leif Laaksonen, taken during the Music for Three Spaces project at the Villa Hakasalmi, Finland