Heliä Mailiis Viirakivi

Singer | Flutist | Improviser


Heliä Mailiis Viirakivi is a singer, flutist and improviser from Finland. Her artistic work involves contemporary improvisation in the frame of academic contemporary music, and she also has a long experience working with Finnish folk-gospel music. She is an active performer of contemporary music, and always eager to work in multidisciplinary art projects filled of music! Her recent collaborations include pieces by composers such as Benjamin Dwyer, Manuel de Falla, Arvo Pärt, Veljo Tormis, Gon Muruaga, Ramiro Zayas, Eladio Aguilar, Anna-Mari Kähärä, Manuel de Falla, Paul McCartney.


Couple mentions of my dearest, recent collaborations of past and ongoing


Trio Zayas/Mailiis/Muruaga explores the connection between atmospheric jazz and free improvisation. Formed in Berlin in 2022, the band will bring their summer tour to Helsinki and visit the studio to record their debut album in July 2023. Their gigs are filled of a playful, unprejudiced own compositions and as a goal they search for new, liberating and fresh sounds. All trio's members are active professionals in the field of academic contemporary music, rhythmic and free improvisation music. Line-up Ramiro Zayas, piano and composition; Heliä Mailiis, vocals, flute and composition and Gon Muruaga, electric guitar, composition. Venues of the Helsinki tour will be announced in further notice.  

Iberofest22 Tallinn closing concert 

Iberofest22 Tallinn closing concert at the KUMU auditorium. Collaboration with the Tallinn International Youth Orchestra (TIYO) and conductor Eladio Aguilar. At the concert various pieces of Spanish repertory was performed, such as El Amor Brujo by Manuel de Falla. 

Ääni-ilmiö kollektiivi

Ääni-ilmiö vokaali-kollektiivi includes six women's unity. Ääni-ilmiö researches the voice of human and searches its dimensions and possibilities. Our participants currently include Johanna Vahtola, Satu Tillanen, Sanna Vuolteenaho, Heli Viirakivi, Eeva Siljamäki ja Tua Hakanpää, whom are researches, musicians and artists. More about us on our social media pages