Picture 1 by Andrea Gu

Picture 2 by Leif Laaksonen

Heliä Mailiis Viirakivi is a versatile Finnish artist whose work spans across contemporary classical music, experimental contemporary music, contemporary improvisation and multidisciplinary concepts. Trained in classical music, contemporary music, and contemporary improvisation at the Helsinki Conservatory and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, she has developed a unique artistic voice that integrates extended techniques, folk, gospel, and jazz influences, all rooted in classical singing technique.

Her career features numerous premieres and collaborations with emerging artists in contemporary and improvised music, as well as visual arts. Highlights include her soloist role with the Tallinn International Youth Orchestra at the Iberofest Tallinn in 2022, and performances at the Time of Music festival in Finland 2022, Müriaad festival in Estonia 2022, and performing with NARAT trio at the Kunstfabrik-Schlot in Berlin. In 2023, she worked with Robert Fleitz in Latvia, premiered new pieces at the COMPOSTER festival in Estonia, and performed at the Mixtur festival in Barcelona.

In 2024, Viirakivi's activities include a tour with the improvising duo MURUAGAMAILIIS, performance as Hälytaidekollektiivi at the SLURPS - A new stage for contemporary art event in Joutsa, Finland, a two months artist residency at the Estonian Schoenberg association in Pärnu, premiering Eladio Aguilar's new Requiem in the Canarian Islands, and creating an interactive art installation in Helsinki in collaboration with Finnish painter Ulla Aurio. She continues to collaborate with notable artists such as Gon Muruaga, Kristjan Kannukene and Lauri Hyvärinen, and is a member in various ensembles including the L'Armonia voice quartet, Ääni-ilmiö improvisers collective, NARAT trio, KRIHEVA improvisation trio, Solehmainen/Viirakivi duo as well as Hälytaidekollektiivi which she founded in aim to enhance alternative improvisation scene in Helsinki. 

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Viirakivi is an active cultural worker, serving as a board member, producer and curator for projects with Kamarikuoro Gloria, Asbestos ry, Hjorted Art and Music festival and product manager at the F-Music stores. In 2024, she produced and curated the Music For Three Spaces concert series in Helsinki, co-produced Estonia meets Helsinki concert and co-produces the Hjorted Art and Music Festival in Sweden.