Heliä Mailiis Viirakivi

Singer | Flutist


I am Finnish singer-flutist performer, composer and improviser. My artistic work circles around new and improvisational music, contemporary classical and folk/gospel music. I collaborate with new music composers without restricting musical limitations and perform as an improviser with both my instruments.

I am a "Voice searcher" tirelessly exploring colors of my own voice and extended singing techniques. I am especially enthusiastique of projects that include improvisation of some sort. Ongoing projects now include composer-performer collaborations, composer collaborations and improvisation/new music groups trio NARAT, trio KRIHEVA, duo Muruaga&Mailiis and vocal groups L'Armonia and Ääni-ilmiö.


NARAT trio is a collaboration between Zayas/Muruaga/Mailiis started 2022. Musical language shifts in new jazz and contemporary music compund with improvisations. 


Kannukene/Sarv/Mailiis. Experimental improvisation group for the love of improvised music! 

Voice 'd Flute 

Solo project that investigates the soundscapes of flute playing while singing. The project is carried out through improvisation. Concert recording 2022.


Improclouds is an improvisation collaboration project that unites collectively active improvisers together to perform and record free improvised music. Concert recording 2022.

Scape II 

For soprano and piano. Composed by Eladio Aquilar. Interpretation from existing work from the year 2021. 

The Realm of Human Unconscious

Electroacoustic composition for extended voice and tape. Composed by Sofia Zaiceva. Collaboration where improvisation was the starting point. The work was created by the composer based on the recorded improvisation sessions where contrasting solo vocal improvisations were produced by the performer.