Viirakivi works as a mudimentional musican that includes ensemble singing, being church musician, choir singer, soloist, improviser and composer/performer of interdisciplinary projects. She also curates an improvised music series IMPROART Gallery focused to interdiciplinary improvised music at the Bohemian Galleries in Tallinn, Estonia.

As a church musician, Viirakivi utilizes her both of her instruments and plays improvised church songs with flute. In 2022 she has sang as a choir singer for example in the Juvenalia choir's concerts and in a joint production with Oratoriekören i Helsingfors and the Helsinki Metropolitan Orchestra. In June, Viirakivi was a soloist of the Tallinn International Youth Orchestra at the Iberofest 2022 concert in Tallinn. In July, she participated to the Composed Theater Collaboratory led by Mark Applebaum at the Time of Music festival in Viitasaari, where during the program participants produced multidisciplinary concepts and acted as performance artists. In 2022 August she collaborated as a singer and flutist with Ramiro Zayas, composer and pianist, participating in two concerts in Berlin, Germany.

Viirakivi's future plans for the current year include collaborations with the Oratoriekören i Helsingfors and composers working as a performer but also as a composer and arranger.


L'Armonia ensemble

L'Armonia ensemble is a four-woman a cappella group founded in 2015, whose repertoire consists church music, folk, and light classical music. The group includes music professionals and active semi-professionals who all also play instruments. They implement actively their instruments (piano, organ, violin, trumpet and flute) in their repertoire. Other members of the ensemble are Sinikka Särkilahti, Anna Marte, Heidi Simomaa. capella group L'armonia has for example done a concert trip to Sweden, organized own concerts, performed at the private events and sang in a YLE Yksi radiomass in March.


Ääni-Ilmiö ensemble

A vocal improvisation collective founded in 2022 performing completely improvised vocal works and using other arts forms such as literature, poetry or paintings as the framework of their piece. This year, Ääni-ilmö has been awarded a micro grant from the city of Helsinki for cultural music works, during which Ääni-ilmö can be seen in the libraries of the Helsinki region producing improvised works from poetry.



29.7.2022 Ääni-ilmiö at the Käännekohdassa art exhibition

Ääni-ilmiö visiting Päivi Känkänen's Käännekohdassa -art exhibition.

23.7.2022 Kylätaiteen Tilkkutäkki Art exhibition opening

Performance. Heinäkuoro-ensemble, a capella solos and flute improvisation based on the art pieces. 

22.7.2022 Heinäkuoron Concert

Choir and soloist. Heinäkuoro's concert. Produced by Vehkajärvi's Youth Association. 

5-11.7.2022 Time of Music Festival

Collaboratory. Time of Music contemporary music festival in Viitasaari, Finland. Composed Theater Collaboratory led by Mark Applebaum. 



8 and 12.6.2022 "Venetian Vesper"

8.6 Choir, Soprano. Part of Helsinki Organ summer concert in Old Church of Helsinki. Juvenalia Choir and Keskisävel ensemble. 

12.6 Choir, Soprano. Part of Midsummer's evening concert series in Dome church of Espoo. Juvenalia Choir and Keskisävel ensemble. 

Antonio Vivaldi: Magnificat

Soloist, Soprano. Part of "Venetian Vesper". Juvenalia Choir and Keskisävel ensemble. 

https://www.espoonseurakunnat.fi/suvisunnuntain-iltamusiikki<br> (in Finnish)

https://juvenalia-kuoro.fi/ (in Finnish)

2.6.2022 Manuel de Falla: El Amor Brujo

Candelas. Iberofest Tallinn 2022. Tallinn International Youth Orchestra conducted by Eladio Aguilar. Produced Spanish Embassy of Tallinn. Videos coming..





21.4 and 23.4.2022 Paul McCartney: Ecce Cor Meum 

Choir, Soprano. Juvenalia Choir, Helsinki Metropolitan Orchestra conducted Sasha Mäkilä, soloist Mari Palo.